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Cat-Micro Product Assortment



Is your product assortment driving category growth?


Why use an assortment solution

  • Create Assortments – National, Segment, Fixture Size Break or Store Specific.

  • Optimise the Customer Offer to the Shopping Mission using Segmentation or Assortment Rules.

  • Represent Category Strategy whilst respecting Buyer Commercial Agreements.

  • Represent groups of products using Rules.

  • Consider Regional Product Swap.

  • Ensure Local Products are appearing in the right store.

  • Report across Products, Stores, Distribution, & Financials.

Key objectives in determining your assortment

  • Delivering Customer Requirements

  • Maintaining Category Strategy

  • Maximising Sales and Profit

  • Achieving Commercial Objectives

What we deliver

  • The recommendation for product list/delist by store or stores is suggested.

  • Projection Opportunity - based on criteria defined by the user.

  • Full results recommendations and interactive Excel workbook.

  • Inventory and product rules based recommendation at all stores, selected stores, selected clusters or a store fixture size.​

  • Recommendations on what products to add / remove based on rules, including new products.

  • Report on store attributes for existing stores.

  • Optional Clustering. Clients can use their own clustering (if available) or we can build this for you.

  • Full results recommendations and interactive Excel workbook.

Discover more by getting in touch with us.

If you are new to assortment or seeking to enhance your existing product assortment strategies, please contact us to explore how we can assist you.

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