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Micro Space Planning

Retail Shelf Planner

Purchasing decisions at the shelf are made in seconds​

Shelf Planning

Build and Maintain

  • Recreate the fixture and product presentation virtually.

  • Calculate a 3-dimensional model of space utilisation.

  • User-friendly interface for modifying product information. assortment, and shelf placement.

  • Effortlessly update or make changes on a regular basis. 

  • Replicate the in-store environment across various trade channels.

    • Used across trade channels such as Grocery/Food, Convenience, Drug and Pharma, Airports, Pet and Accessories, DIY, Office supplies, Toys, Perfumeries, Garden Centres and many others.

  • Share planograms with other industry space planning solutions using .PLN, .PSA & .XML formats.

Analyse and Report

  • Import key performance data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or centralised databases like Microsoft SQL using Merchandising Center. 

  • Complete analysis by highlighting top/bottom, under/overstocked, quadrant, group, hot/cold, and characteristic. 

  • Conduct financial evaluation by comparing projected vs target sales on sales and profit.

  • Generate reports for performance, shelf reset, and execution compliance. 

  • Share analysis with relevant stakeholders.

Improving the customer shopping experience

  • Planograms are essential for retailers and manufacturers adopting a consumer-centric approach. 

  • Efficiently design and present product assortment strategy to meet consumer needs. 

  • Software inventory management calculates shelf units to meet customer demand and minimise out of stocks. 

  • Planograms serve as a communication tool for the store, enhancing compliance with the store's strategy.

  • Performance data used for analysis remains relevant with the help of planograms.


  • Retail Shelf Planner modules cost-effective and user-friendly. They are designed to offer only the essential features and capabilities you need.

  • As a result, adoption, training, and retraining of new users is faster and more efficient.

  • Three modules available: Express, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ 

  • Visit compare version page or click on the link below to learn about specific features of each module.

Shelf Plan.png
Compare Versions.png

Discover more by getting in touch with us.

If you are inexperienced in retail space planning or seeking to enhance your existing space planning strategies, please contact us to explore how we can assist you.

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