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Why Choose Us?

Our mission, vision and partnerships.



At Space Plan Solutions, our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help manufacturers and retailers succeed in today's competitive market. We believe that effective planning and design are key to creating a successful retail environment and shopper experience, and we're committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients.


Our aim is to become the foremost provider of retail space planning solutions and services in the UK. By assisting our clients in the retail and manufacturing sectors, we help them achieve their in-store objectives and ultimately enhance shopper satisfaction.

About us

Brendan Tonkin, with more than 35 years of expertise in retail and manufacturing, leads the company. In 1995, he became a part of Nielsen, a renowned global market research company, and dedicated 27 years to assisting clients in Europe with Shelf Planning, Store Planning, Assortment, and Category Management. His primary goal is to aid clients in providing exceptional customer shopping experiences, thereby promoting category growth and profitability.



Space Plan Solutions is pleased to collaborate with Global Retail Business Solutions to introduce their affordable Space Planning solutions to the UK market. GRBS has a diverse international team with extensive industry experience of over 25 years, providing value to retail and manufacturing clients globally.


We are excited to announce that Space Plan Solutions has become an authorised reseller for RGIS SmartSpace retail floor planning solutions in the UK. RGIS SmartSpace has always been the preferred choice for integrated CAD floor planning, offering automation that greatly enhances productivity in retail space planning and merchandise departments. This partnership will allow us to work closely with the RGIS SmartSpace team to assist our UK clients in improving their retail floor planning processes. Our relationship with RGIS SmartSpace goes back to my time at Nielsen, where I first introduced them as a partner. I am thrilled to reconnect and continue building this relationship with our new company. With the addition of Retail Shelf Planner, we can now offer comprehensive floor planning solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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