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Intelligent Macro Space Planning

RGIS SmartSpace

Streamline and automate your time consuming, resource heavy retail floor planning process

RGIS SmartSpace


Build and Maintain

  • RGIS SmartSpace is fully integrated into AutoCAD providing a seamless integration with existing CAD departments within retail customers.

  • As all of the data in held in a central database, all departments within an organisation can access the data to assist them in completing their projects.

    • Marketing can determine where signs should be placed.

    • Store Managers can view their layout easily.

    • Store Planners can apply changes across the estate.

    • Purchasing can determine where products should be placed.

    • Property & Estates can edit the architecture or determine how many parts are required to refit a store.

    • High level management can view stores that have been heat mapped to highlight the highest selling areas in the stores.

    • Loss Prevention can determine areas of the store that have the most or least loss.

Analyse and Report

  • The KPI feature is available if valid performance data has been entered into the designated tables in the SmartSpace database

  • Layout heat mapping is used to highlight planogram sections in a store layout based on selected key performance indicators (KPI)

  • The KPI data source can be viewed either at category, planogram or section levels

  • Depending on data available typical analysis is on sales, profit, margin, weight, sales per area etc.

  • The user has the option to display the heat map by value, footprint, linear or volume

Planogram Search & Replace 

  • Search & Replace can be used to automatically substitute a planogram section with another in a designated store layout

  • ​The function will create a new a store layout within the database based on the given planogram substitution rules

  • ​An active date can be applied to the new store layout to show when the planogram swap should occur

  • ​Status validates creation of a new layout

RGIS SmartSpace Suite

  • SmartSpace Express

  • Security & Workflow

  • Planogram Builder

  • Search & Replace

  • Planogram Transfer

  • Application Manager

  • Batch Publisher

  • Data Toolkit

  • Department Search & Replace

  • Layout Comparison

  • Virtual Clustering

  • Reporting & Analysis

  • File Transfer

  • Package Transfer

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If you are inexperienced in retail space planning or seeking to enhance your existing space planning strategies, please contact us to explore how we can assist you.

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