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Macro Space Planning

Retail Floor Planner

The store. Where retailers, manufacturers and customers come together.

Floor Planning

Build and Maintain

  • Create a store layout using an image or AutoCAD drawing.

  • Assign category planograms to their respective locations. 

  • Easily update or make changes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

  • Link to data from internal systems for efficiency updates.

  • Utilise Merchandising Center to streamline workflow.

Analyse and Report

  • The solution offers what-ifs simulations for evidence-based proposal creation.

  • Simulations are user-friendly and impactful

  • Unit or sales data can be used to analyse store performance. 

  • Sales data can identify areas of high and low activity.

  • Sales data can help optimize store layout and assess signage placement.

Improving the customer shopping experience

  • Analysing unit sales data helps identify areas of high and low sales activity in the store. 

  • This information optimises shelf inventory, store layout, and signage placement. 

  • Sales or Profit per unit of space can be used to reassess space allocation to different categories.

  • Adjusting category space based on shopper demand improves product choice and on-shelf availability. 

  • Utilising software enhances the customer shopping experience and maintains a competitive edge.


  • Retail Floor Planner offers a fast and affordable solution for store planning.

  • Quick delivery and execution with no additional project management or internal costs.

  • Short learning curves for fast training and retraining of new and existing users.

  • The software is available in three modules: Analyst, Enterprise, and Enterprise +. To understand the features of each module, please refer to the compare versions page or click on the link below.

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If you are new to retail store planning or seeking to enhance your existing store planning solutions, please contact us to explore how we can assist you.

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