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Rules based

  • Our advanced Cat-Micro assortment process applies a wide selection of rules under inventory, product and space

  • Rules can be applied at the Category level or the individual product level.

  • Rules are tailored and applied based on the goals and objectives of the project.

  • Through using rules in the project we can deliver a more defined assortment recommendation.



Clustering (optional)

  • Additionally,  in Assortment we can bring into the project clustering as an option.

  • We can use existing clustering you may have or build you suggested new clusters based on existing sales. 


  • We can run an inventory and product rules based recommendation on all stores, selected stores or selected clusters.

  • Product recommendations on what to add / remove are based on rules, this can also include new products.

  • We report on store attributes for existing stores.

  • The solution works automatically to satisfy the offer at each grouping level.

  • Using inventory rules to remove products with low sales and add products with higher sales not currently stocked.

Project the results: Target, total sales (no clusters)

Assortment Level 2 No Clusters

Project the results: Target, Changing all the stores in a cluster

Assortment Level 2 Changing all clusters

Project the results: Target: Changing 3mtr space in one store

Assortment Reports Products


  • Result deliverables are via a presentation to review the results based on the project goals and objectives set.

  • An interactive Microsoft Excel workbook is also delivered containing all the project results.

Assortment Attribute by Rank

Attribute by rank (single and all stores)

Assortment Adds_Deletes

Suggested additions and deleltions list

  • We complete a discovery process to find out your key objectives and goals for the assortment project.

  • To achieve the expected results of an accurate projection, data is key. All data is reviewed to ensure we have clean data to run the project.

  • Any project delivery is designed around the available data that can be used. 

  • contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further

Discover more by getting in touch with us.

To learn more about our Assortment service and how this can help you be more efficient and productive with your business process, please contact us

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