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Retail Shelf Planner fixtures
Retail Shelf Planner Planograms

Planogram Building Service

  • Planograms play a crucial role in conveying your in-store on-shelf strategy.

  • They also enable efficient execution and ensure adherence to compliance.

  • We can assist you in creating, updating or maintaining your planograms.

  • Our solution has the capability to accurately replicate various types of in-store fixtures, adhering to the specific requirements of different trade channels.

  • We can assist in creating your product database and performing data cleansing services.

  • The required information for the product includes EAN codes, descriptions, pack size, and dimensions (height, width, and depth). Additional characteristics can also be included as needed.

  • Visual representation of products can be enhanced by updating and adding images.

Define your in-store strategy

  • Traffic flow:

    • How do shoppers approach your category fixture in in relation to it's position in the store?

    • How do you layout the shelf to maximise shopper engagement?

  • Blocking:

    • What is the best layout category layout based on the shopper/consumer decision tree?

    • Have you defined the optimal Consumer Decision tree for your category and have a merchandising blueprint?

  • Our planogram building service can help bring all these key decisions into a firm on-shelf merchandising blueprint strategy.

Consumer Decision Tree

Consumer Decision Tree

Retail Shelf Planner Planogram Blocking

Vertical Blocking

Horizontal Blocking

Space Plan Solutions Store
Retail Space Planner Traffic Flow



In-Store Aisle Traffic Flow

Retail Shelf Planner Design

Support for merchandising or sales teams

  • Efficiently communicate your in-store strategy to sales and merchandiser teams through powerful and insightful documentation.

  • Whether it's a new launch strategy, promotion, or regular shelf layout, these electronic documents can ensure that all teams remain focused on your in-store vision.

  • Additionally, sharing these documents online with smaller independents can guarantee that your product range is always presented correctly, driving consumer sales.

In-Store execution and compliance

  • The successful implementation of your in-store vision or strategy is vital for achieving desired outcomes

  • Successful execution and compliance not only ensures accurate data but also enables informed decision making by leveraging the historical accuracy of information.

  • Our solutions and planogram building service offer various outputs that can enhance the efficiency of planogram deployment for your teams or clients.

Retail Shelf Planner compliance
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