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Space Plan Solutions Retail Floor Planner Pricing

Retail Floor Planner: Multi-user price list

Retail Floor Planner allows you to start working with professional software without the large upfront investment that you see with many other suppliers. We offer the software on a "subscription-basis". The prices listed below are the annual license fees excluding VAT.

Space Plan Solutions multi-user pricing for Retail Floor Planner
Space Plan Solutions retail Floor Planner software


  • These license fees cover the use of the software, updates, support through email.

  • For other services additional fees may apply.

  • Copy-pricing is applicable when multiple licenses are used in the same company in a single location.

  • The prices are cumulative. For example: 8 licenses of the Enterprise edition will be 1x £2,150 plus 4x £1,600 plus 3x £1,300.

  • The prices above are net of applicable VAT

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