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Merchandising Centre

Planogram Challenges

  • When dealing with many planograms, you’re facing a number of challenges:

    • Version control. Which planograms are the active ones? What is the status of updates?

    • Data integrity. Is the product data consistent & up-to-date in all planograms?

    • Efficiency. How can I implement assortment changes quickly, without taking too much time?

    • Link planograms to stores and/or floorplans.

    • Increase efficiencies in distribution of your planograms.

    • Integrate closely with other IT-systems and processes to exchange data.

Planogram Life Cycle/Workflow

  • At the heart of the system, we’ve implemented the concept of a planogram life-cycle. Once a planogram has gone “live”, i.e. it has been released for implementation into stores, it is impossible to make accidental changes to it.

  • When initiating a review, and adding or removing products from the assortment, the system automatically creates copies of the original planograms, securing the live/active ones.

  • Only after consciously moving a new planogram proposal through various “sign-off” stages, can it become the new active plan. This then moves the previous one into the archive, offering a simple, yet clear workflow that protects the integrity of your planogram.

Key Features

  • Merchandising Center enables planograms and store plans to be stored in a central database repository.

  • This provides a powerful set of capabilities to manage and maintain these planograms and floorplans in a much more efficient way.

  • Additionally, with all that data being stored in a central and structured way, a wealth of information is available for analysis and reporting.

  • Click on the link below to see all the key features available in Merchandising Center.

Efficient Maintenance

  • Retail Merchandising Center offers various powerful capabilities to make the maintenance of planograms a much more efficient, and less time-consuming task:

    • Change “generic” product data such as UPC, name, supplier, physical dimensions, … only once, and all planograms in which the product is listed, are updated at once.

    • List one or more (new) products in a series of planograms with just a few clicks. Optionally place them on a temporary shelf, so that you (or someone else) can easily drag and drop them into the correct location.

    • Quickly delist products, or mark them for easy identification during planogram updates.

    • Simply execute a “find & replace” when you have one of those many “in and out” assortment updates.

Merchandising Center workflow

View the workflow process

  • View examples of the workflow process.

Merchandising Center Features

Merchandising Center key feature list

  • Review the list of key features available in Merchandising Center.

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