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Website Cookie Policy

1. This policy

We use cookies and similar technologies on the Site.

Please read this policy carefully. It contains important information regarding the use of cookies on the Site.

2. How to contact us

In the event that you have any questions regarding this policy or our use of cookies you should contact us as follows:

Via email at or via the chat option on the website at

3. Cookies

A cookie is a small file/piece of information. Ordinarily cookies comprise of letters and numbers. Cookies are stored on your computer when you access the Site and they can then be sent back to the Site. This process is important to the functionality of the Site as it enables it to remember certain important pieces of information between different pages.

4. Personal information

We may obtain personal information about you through our use of cookies. Such personal information will generally include:

IP Address, Name, email, telephone number, company information, job role

Any personal information collected via the use of cookies will only be obtained in accordance with our privacy policy documents which are:

Privacy policy located via the link on the cookie acceptance banner (home page) or directly through URL

5. Consent for cookies

In most cases we will need your consent in order to use cookies on this website.

We may use cookies without your consent where the cookies are essential for the functioning of our site and in order to provide our services to you. For example, this will apply where:

1. Where it is essential for the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network

Where we wish to use cookies that require your consent you will be asked whether you consent to the use of cookies in the following manner:

Users shall be required to consent through a checkbox pop-up on the website homepage that they will need to accept in order to gain full access to the website

Wherever you have given your consent to the use of cookies, you will be able to opt-out and withdraw your consent by:

Users will be given the option to opt-out of the use of cookies or similar technologies through a checkbox pop-up on the homepage

We will not allow any third parties access to the cookies we use.

6. Cookies used on this website

The following cookies/similar technologies are used on this website:

Cookies owned by the operator of this website:

(Name of cookie - purpose)

Cookie Name             Purpose
XSRF-TOKEN                Used for security reasons
hs                                  Used for security reasons
svSession                     Used in connection with user login
SSR-caching                 Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered
_wixCIDX                      Used for system monitoring/debugging
_wix_browser_ses      Used for system monitoring/debugging
consent-policy            Used for cookie banner parameters
smSession                   Used to identify logged in site members
TS*                                Used for security and anti-fraud reasons
bSession                      Used for system effectiveness measurement
fedops.logger.X          Used for stability/effectiveness measurement

Retention periods for cookies

The period of time which cookies shall be stored for shall be dependant upon the type of cookie used. There are two broad categories of cookies:


    • session cookies which are temporary and are erased each time you close your browser. Session cookies are used to remember your actions between one page and another during a browsing session.

    • Persistent cookies which remain on your browser until you delete them or until they expire.

We set out below our retention periods for our use of persistent cookies.

(Name of cookie - retention period)

Cookie Name                       Duration

XSRF-TOKEN                         Session
hs                                           Session
svSession                             12 months
SSR-caching                         1 minute
_wixCIDX                              3 months
_wix_browser_sess             Session
consent-policy                    12 months
smSession                           Session
TS*                                        Session
bSession                              30 minutes
fedops.logger.X                  12 months

7. How to turn off cookies

You can set your browser not to accept cookies. However, some of our website features may not function as a result.

This policy is up to date as of: 5th August 2023.

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