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In-Store Space Optimisation


Cat-Macro retail store space optimisation

Enhance your trading space performance and determine the optimal fixture space for each category in your store


Why use a macro space optimisation solution?

  • When you analyse a store’s performance against the space that has been allocated you need to:

    • Identify high and low performing areas

    • Optimise positioning and customer flow

    • Understand trends and seasonal variation

    • Consider inventory rules to ensure the correct space is achieved

    • Ensure the space between departments are balanced effectively

  • ​All of this takes time and many hours invested in continual analysis on spreadsheets.

  • Cat-Macro will complete all these tasks in minutes and allow the user to spend time on the important ‘What Ifs’ to ensure the final decision has considered all of the above.

Data and setting rules.

  • The solution imports basic Excel data files for all stores at a space group level and for the analysis store at a product Level.

  • The file(s) contain space groups, fixture size, sales inventory rules and products, this takes around 1 minute for each file depending on the size of the store assortment and number of stores.

  • ​Examples of rules:

    • Trends

    • Minimum and maximum space restrictions

    • Allow for the product size to be included

    • Use elasticity

    • Consider bay rounding restrictions 

    • Restrict bay changing to aisles.

  • ​Examples of Metrics:

    • Unit sales

    • Value sales

    • Profit

  • Examples of Space drivers.​

    • At a Space Group level rules can also be set for min/max bays, trends, remove or add group, forcing space and days or case requirements.

What we deliver

  • Once the Rules have been set the solution will produce a first draft analysis on the group space to reduce or increase.

  • The user can now adjust these numbers to ensure the final proposal is practically achieved instore.

  • Along with the above analysis the solution will project the change in sales and profit, depending on what initial metrics were imported.

  • Within the solution there is a simple Excel forecasting model which uses previous, current and projected metrics to identify a future trend.

  • If client data is available by aisle the solution will show a heat map identifying the changes by space group, aisle and department.

  • In addition, based on user metrics, the solution will define the likely cost and the number of hours required to make recommended changes in store.

Cat-Macro store space optimisation results

Post analysis

  • With most analysis it is very easy to make changes, implement the changes and then leave the store to continue trading with its new space. The only way to validate decisions made is to re-assess performance after a short period of time.

  • The solution has a feature where you can import a new file after 2-3 months, and it will assess what effect the actual performance had on the initial proposal.

Cat-Macro store space optimisation post analysis


  • Cat-Macro is an easy to use rules-based analysis tool with a fast and simple import of data reducing time, complexity and setup cost.

  • Supports commercial rules at many levels to cater for inventory and productivity

  • Immediate results that the user can fine tune and adjustment

  • Ability to check forecast trends

  • Refresh periodic data to assess post implementation achievements 

Discover more by getting in touch with us.

If you are new to macro space optimisation or seeking to enhance your existing store layout strategies, please contact us to explore how we can assist you.

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