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Assortment - Levels

SPS Assortment

Assortment level 1
Entry level 


Assortment level 2
Rules based

Assortment level 1

  • An entry level assortment process where we can make add / remove recommendations for products.

  • We can define the recommendations across all stores, or user selected stores on what products to add or remove.

  • The solution works automatically to satisfy the offer at each grouping level.

  • There are 4 sub-levels of user approach for a recommendation.

  • At sub-level a, b & c the solution results are defined based on the calculated total opportunity projection result.

  • At sub-level d, the solution will calculate the opportunity projection result based on the actual number entered by the user. (ie, I only want to delist 5 products). The opportunity projection will be based on 5 products irrespective of what the total projected opportunity could have been.


a. Use the current Level 1 number of products:

b. Use percentage number of products:

c. User defined Level 1 percentage number of products:

d. Use total tail end of products: 


  • Will result in no deletions but will show products that could be added.

  • Will result in a list of deletions and additions to select from.

  • Will also result in a list of deletions and additions to select from.

  • Will result in a list of deletions and additions to select from.


  • Result deliverables are via a presentation to review the results based on the project goals and objectives set.

  • An interactive Microsoft Excel workbook is also delivered containing all the project results.


Example reports

Assortment Attribute by Rank
Assortment Adds_Deletes

Attribute by rank (single and all stores)

Suggested additions and deleltions list

Project requirements

  • We complete a discovery process to find out your key objectives and goals for the assortment project.

  • To achieve the expected results of an accurate projectiondata is key. All data is reviewed to ensure we have clean data to run the project.

  • Any project delivery is designed around the available data that can be used. For entry level 1 Assortment we have mandatory data requirements and optional or advantage levels.

  • A full list of the data required to run an entry level assortment project can be found by clicking the data requirements button below

  • Alternatively, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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